Daisuke Ishida

The Auditive Peculiarities of Khôra, AdK (2015)

Photo credit: Natalia Bustamante

The Auditive Peculiarities of Khôra, AdK (2015)
The Auditive Peculiarities of Khôra is the project of the Raumkomposition class led by Daisuke Ishida and Thomas Koch at the master’s course Sound Studies at the Berlin Career College, Berlin University of the Arts.
Khôra is an ancient Greek word coined by Plato as a term for space, receptacle or site. He proposed that Khôra is a space that holds no characteristics in itself and that cannot permanently contain anything but bodiless, ephemeral, time-based media, and which reflects the character of the medium passing through it. Drawing an analogy between such media and sound, the project thematizes Khôra as an object of acoustic investigation.
Contradicting the conventional rules for using wave field synthesis[1] systems, the 14.5 meter long array of loudspeakers will be neither acoustically isolated from the surrounding space nor set up surrounding a listening area. Rather, it will be used to deliberately articulate the space and to emphasize the peculiarities and room acoustics of AdK’s ground floor area in an artistic manner.
Members of The Auditive Peculiarities of Khôra project (Natalia Bustamante, Daniel Franke, Stefan Matussek, Jesper Ryom, Joen Szmidt, Daisuke Ishida and Thomas Koch) developed strategies and methods for acoustically engaging the space.
Special thanks to Johannes Regnier, UC San Diego, for making his modular WFS toolkit available for use in this project.
[1] Wave field synthesis (WFS) is a spatial sound field reproduction technique that utilizes a high number of loudspeakers to create a virtual auditory scene over a large listening area. It overcomes some of the limitations of stereophonic reproduction techniques such as “the sweet-spot”.

Cascaded Development – Daisuke Ishida
Modal Forest – Stefan Matussek
Metaphysical Transformation – Daniel Franke
Mirrored Time – Jesper Ryom
Misplaced – Natalia Bustamante
One and Seven Rooms – Joen Szmidt


Shooting and editing video: Amelie Neumann // Morsenvan