Daisuke Ishida

The Garden of The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA (2004)


The Garden of The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA (2004)

material: plants, artificial turf, vases, computers
exhibition: Advanced Music Festival sonarsound tokyo 2004
location: Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo, Japan
time: 11th Oct, 2004

The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA (SWO) is a participatory sound performance project that has been shown at various exhibitions since 2002, for both long and short periods of time. Ken Furudate, Kazuhiro Jo, Daisuke Ishida, and Mizuki Noguchi have served as the core organizers of the project. Under the basic concept that each participant plays a sine wave, people are invited to create a sea of sine waves as a collective sound representation.

SWO performances are concerned with breaking the border between spectators and musicians, as well as the common restriction of the traditional formats of music (music has a beginning and an end) and its hierarchy (e.g. a classical orchestra).
The Garden of The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA invited participants to meet at a given time and place to perform together, everyone in their own manner and to their own liking. Participants were asked to bring their laptop to play sine waves through the provided system of plant-loudspeakers.